Refugee & lmmigration Services

  • Reception and Placement Case Management
  • Social Adjustment Employment Services
  • English as a Second Language(ESL)
  • School Impact Services
  • Family Reunification Applications
  • Adjustment of Status (green card)

Founded in 1975, Refugee & lmmigration Services provides
assistance to refugees and other immigrants in the Memphis area.
Resettlement services assist newly arrived refugees in starting newlives.

English language training, cultural adjustment services,
employment services, access to health care and schools are all
services that are provided by a staff of case managers and interpreters.

In addition, the program offers immigration counseling at a
low cost and on a sliding scale when necessary Assistance is
available for adjustment of status, visa applications, naturalization, travel documents and domestic violence issues.

Contact: Carolyn Tisdale, Director, 722-4727.

Need knows no boundaries of ethnicity, age, faith or gender. Neither do we.


Following the teachings of Jesus Christ, we provide help to those facing chronic poverty and bring hope through intervention, counseling and case management.

Service Overview

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee serves people regardless of religious beliefs, socio-economic status or ethnic background. Catholic Charities is not just for the Catholic community, it is from the Catholic community.

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