Need knows no boundaries of ethnicity, age, faith or gender. Neither do we.
Need knows no boundaries of ethnicity, age, faith or gender. Neither do we.

Annual Campaign

Serving Dignity and Hope. Building Self-Sufficiency.

In Memphis, one in four of our neighbors lives in poverty. At Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, we strive to meet these neighbors where they live -- providing food and clothing, dignity and hope, through our Housing Ministry, our Fig Tree Emergency Services Program, 38126 ZIP Code, Driving the Dream,  Immigration and Camp Love and Learn.

Please donate to our annual campaign today. Thank you for thinking of Catholic Charities. Your gift, regardless of size, goes to help the neediest among us -- people like Genise Miller-Rice, John Jones, Yozabra Harris and Victor Walls. Read their stories below.

Genise Miller-Rice


Genise struggles to keep from crying whenever she talks about what Catholic Charities of West Tennessee has done for her.

At 25, she was expecting her third child when she came to Catholic Charities to support her own mother in a program that helps move people out of poverty. To read the rest of her story, follow this link.

Donate to our Annual Campaign today

Your donation of any amount will make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. In the donation form below, you can designate a program or select General Donation to ensure your funds will go immediately to the area of greatest need.

You have the option of making a one-time donation or becoming a First Responder to Poverty, a monthly donor to Catholic Charities. First Responders ensure that we have a consistent stream of funds to meet the varied needs of those who come to us for help. 

If you have any questions, contact us at development [at] acc.cdom [dot] org or 901-722-4733.

John Jones

Johnjones Web

John Jones was sitting at Catholic Charities waiting to be called to go to the Clothing Closet when a lady stepped into the lobby and asked if anyone waiting needed anything besides food or clothing.

Jones, a disabled U.S. Army veteran, had recently attained housing after three months of homelessness, but the only furniture in his apartment was a bed. He told the lady about his predicament, and she immediately began working with him to help solve the problem.

Read more of John's story here.

Yozabra Harris

Yozabra Harris Web

Everyone has dreams for their life. Sometimes, circumstances change those dreams, and they take a different shape. For Yozabra Harris, that dream has taken the shape of a house – her own house.

At Catholic Charities, we work with clients to help them identify their dreams and the obstacles that are standing in the way through our Driving the Dream program. Learn more about Yozabra's dream of building her own home for herself and her four sons here.

Victor Walls

Victor Walls Web

Victor Walls had been living in a men’s homeless shelter for a year when he came to Catholic Charities of West Tennessee.

He didn’t like living at the mission because it was so hectic and crowded. “You have to sleep on a mat on the floor,” he said. A visit to Catholic Charities helped Victor change all that. Read Victor's story here.